Mario Kart 8 Wii U bundle spotted online

Nintendo looks set to unveil a Mario Kart Wii U console bundle, with artwork for the deal stoning up online.

French site Gameblog reports that the console is because of arrive when the sport launches around the US and Europe on May 30.

The box is reported to contain a traditional old black Wii U Premium–that is the one with 32GB of storage–a duplicate of the sport, and a one week trial of Nintendo’s Wii U Karaoke app.

Nintendo has not officially confirmed the bundle, but its existence probably won’t come as a whopping surprise. The corporate is not any stranger to those kind of bundles, having released an identical deal for last year’s The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD . That bundle was released on the same $300 price as a regular Wii U, suggesting a sizeable discount can be in store for anyone currently mulling over whether to speculate in a Wii U for the subsequent Mario Kart game. i do know i’m!

Earlier this month it was revealed that Mario Kart 8 will feature 32 courses, with 1/2 them entirely new .

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Nintendo Has One More Shot at Hardware

Whatever actual sales figures Nintendo eventually releases, the Wii U home console isn’t performing rather well at present and there is no clear sign that it’ll rebound inside the coming year and mount an outstanding challenge to the present domination of the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4 on the subject of next-gen hardware.

Consider the truth that the platforms from Microsoft and Sony have managed to sell more since November 2013 than the Nintendo device has amassed since November 2012.

Nintendo understands its current predicament certainly and is currently offering vague details about a future initiative that’s apparently centered around non-wearable devices so as to be capable of improve a user’s health while also entertaining him.

But the corporate shouldn’t be too fast in abandoning the normal hardware market and will try and update them both another time, with a superb marketing and launch campaign, before it decides to maneuver away and perhaps finally launch its biggest franchises for third-party platforms.

The Power of the Mass Market

The original Wii was an undisputed success, a section of hardware that punched above its weight because Nintendo was ready to introduce an innovative series of games experiences all built across the idea of motion tracking.

The Wii U aimed to take the postulate and slightly update it, nonetheless it had no hook for the mainstream players, no way of significantly upgrading what its predecessor was offering in a meaningful way.

Nintendo still benefits from a major cache of excellent will most of the wider gaming community and there is certainly an enormous potential audience for any variety of hardware that it will deliver sooner or later.

The company must discover a new transformative idea and build an updated version of the Wii U around it, launch a marketing blitz and aim for a 2015 launch, hoping that by then, the market has gotten uninterested in the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4 and is able for a group of latest and engaging ideas.

Nintendo Can Trade on Nostalgia

The company may also easily create interest by with the intention that all its big franchises, from Mario to Zelda, are able to deliver a brand new installment when its next hardware is offered available on the market.

A lot of the fashionable gaming public grew up with Nintendo games and nostalgia is a robust force in relation to sales, especially whether it is deployed properly.

Imagine a brand new home console, integrated with the 3DS, in a position to play classic titles with updated graphics, them all offered on launch, and including an innovative gameplay-focused idea that’s as revolutionary as motion use was.

Surely, one of these device might fail to generate interest available in the market place and can sell even worse than the Wii U in its first two years, which might be a huge blow for the way forward for Nintendo.

But the corporate currently has the resources required to attempt yet again to create something revolutionary, which it might probably now not have if it continues to back the Wii U for an additional three or four years.

The way forward for any business is uncertain, but most gamers would definitely like to see Nintendo deliver another hit piece of hardware than go the style of SEGA and only discuss games.


Nintendo cuts US prices on 5 3DS games

Nintendo of America will permanently cut the costs of 5 3DS games, the firm announced Monday.

Mario Kart 7 , Super Mario 3D Land , New Super Mario Bros. 2 , Animal Crossing: New Leaf , and Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D will now be available at retail and at the Nintendo eShop for $29.99 each.


The first three games also are the system’s three best-selling games within the U.S.: each has sold greater than 2.15 million physical and digital units combined. The same old price of a brand new 3DS title is $39.99 at retail and at the eShop.

Nintendo announced in January that 3DS sales had topped 11.5 million units around the U.S., including 3DS, 3DS XL, and 2DS.

More than 16 million combined packaged and digital 3DS games were sold in 2013, a rise of greater than 45 per cent over 2012′s total, in keeping with Nintendo of America.

“Nintendo 3DS is a powerhouse with games and experiences that entice a wide variety of players,” said Scott Moffitt, Nintendo of America’s executive vice chairman of sales and marketing.

“We are not slowing down in 2014. With more games featuring fan-favorite franchises at the way, the right days of Nintendo 3DS are still to return.”


Nintendo Just Blew Its Last Chance to Save the Wii U

Nintendo (NASDAQOTH: NTDOY     ) is a corporation in crisis. With tablets and smartphones captivating the interest of casual gamers, Nintendo’s family-orientated game systems have faded in popularity. Nintendo’s Wii U, particularly, is widely thought of as a failure: It’s fallen far in need of management’s projections, some retailers have stopped selling it, and major third-party game publishers have all but abandoned it.

Yet, the system remains relatively new (just over 16 months old), and plenty of Nintendo’s preferred franchises haven’t begun to determine a Wii U installment. While unlikely, there had remained conceivable that the system could rebound — that Nintendo could, by releasing a string of quality, exclusive games, revive interest in its struggling platform.

Forget about it.

The next iteration of Super Smash Bros. — Nintendo’s popular fighting franchise — can be coming to the 3DS, its hand-held online game console. If there has been any game that could’ve saved the struggling Wii U, Super Smash Bros. was it. Ironically, the sport could now guarantee the Wii U’s demise.

The importance of Smash Bros.
Of Nintendo’s many franchises, Super Smash Bros. sticks out as considered one of its most successful. The last entry inside the series, 2008′s Super Smash Bros. Brawl, sold over 11 million copies, making it one of many top 10 best-selling games inside the Wii’s history. Its predecessor, Super Smash Bros. Melee (released in 2001), was the head-selling game for Nintendo’s prior console, The Gamecube. The unique Super Smash Bros., now 15 years old, was the perfect-selling games for Nintendo’s N64.

In other words, Super Smash Bros. is certainly one of Nintendo’s most excellent series, and every iteration has reliably sold millions (It’s even played semi-professionally). With greater than five years because the last installment, a better entry inside the franchise couldn’t only move millions, but entice gamers buy the Wii U itself.

3DS sales will cannibalize Wii U sales
But that is not going to happen now because, for the primary time, Nintendo is planning to release the sport on multiple consoles. Prior iterations within the Super Smash Bros. franchise were confined to Nintendo’s then-current lounge console: Should you desired to play Super Smash Bros. Brawl, as an example, you had to own a Wii — the sport simply wasn’t available for another online game console.

But this Super Smash Bros. release is different. Along with launching at the Wii U, Nintendo is usually shipping the sport for its handheld console, the 3DS. The games won’t be exactly the same, however the differences may be minimal, with an identical cast available in both versions.

While some Smash Bros. fans may run out and purchase a Wii U, more are inclined to purchase the version released at the 3DS. That game will launch several months sooner than the Wii U version, retail for less, and certain have a bigger install base — very important for a multiplayer game with online matchmaking.

There’s a superb opportunity most Super Smash Bros. fans already own a 3DS, because it’s miles outsold the Wii U so far (almost 50 million consoles in comparison with just 6 million). Even supposing they do not, it’s cheaper to move get one, because the entry-level 3DS retails for only a fraction ($125) of the Wii U’s price ($299).

It’s not only the Wii U
Of course, while the 3DS version of the sport may devastate sales of the Wii U, it may support the 3DS, which, while not as disappointing because the Wii U, has still fallen far wanting expectations.

At this point in its life, the 3DS has underperformed its predecessor, Nintendo’s DS. If Nintendo’s January projections prove accurate, it’ll have sold fewer of the 3DS in 2013 than it did in 2012. That’s pretty disturbing, provided that the system is simply three years old. The DS, compared, saw sales growth well into its fourth year.

While its console competitors have branched out, shipping full-featured media boxes that play the foremost advanced games, Nintendo has kept it simple, specializing in dedicated gaming hardware geared toward a more casual audience. Before the increase of mobile games, that was unquestionably a recipe for fulfillment — today, it is less clear.

Nintendo has big plans for the long run : It’s engaged on an intensive new product it calls its QoL platform. Details are scant, but investors inside the company should hope it succeeds — with its consoles struggling, its current gaming-focused business model appears unsustainable.

Nintendo knows this market may be huge, but it’s already given up
Nintendo knows a higher great tech revolution, however it doesn’t plan to compete. As a comparatively small company, Nintendo has said it can’t beat with the tech giants which might be currently investing billions within the next major tech revolution. In case you thought the iPod, the iPhone, and the iPad were amazing, just wait until you notice this . A hundred of Apple’s top engineers are busy building one in a secret lab. And an ABI Research report predicts 485 million of them may be sold over the subsequent decade. But you are able to put money into it right this moment… for only a fraction of the cost of AAPL stock. Click here to get the complete story during this eye-opening new report.

Sam Mattera has no position in any stocks mentioned. The Motley Fool recommends and owns shares of Apple. Try any of our Foolish newsletter services free for 30 days . We Fools would possibly not all hold the identical opinions, but all of us believe that considering a various range of insights makes us better investors. The Motley Fool has a 0 disclosure policy .


Mario Goes Mobile – NDS4iOS Brings Nintendo DS to iOS…Unofficially, Of Course

Probably the most compelling and capable Nintendo DS emulator for iOS has made its technique to the internet, though is naturally anything but an officially licensed product endorsed by wither Apple or Nintendo.

Millions of iPhone and iPad users internationally has been hankering after some type of official Mario or Zelda release for his or her prized portables – a dream it became clear was never going to be fulfilled.

Well, not in any official capacity anyway.

Nintendo’s all-powerful president ruled out the belief of mobile Mario quite it slow ago, confirming that neither he nor any of his fellow famed Nintendo characters would ever make the jump to mobile. All doom and gloom it seemed, but where there is a will there’s always a technique.

Just this week, a brand new emulator as made its way onto the net going by the name of NDS4iOS. And because the name almost gives away, it is a Nintendo DS emulator for use with iOS devices.

You won’t find it at the official Apple App Store for the dual reasons that the shop has a policy against emulators full-stop and that this actual app is set as under-the-counter because it gets.  As such, you might want to visit the official NDS4iOS website and download the app manually, at which point you furthermore mght ought to manually change the date in your device back to February 8 2014.

Exactly why this specific date needs to be chosen isn’t divulged by the people behind the app, however the general consensus is that it is a technique to make it harder for the powers that be to understand you’re doing something you perhaps is just not.

With no jailbreak needed, we think NDS4iOS to be a smash-hit success, in any case until Nintendo steps in and finds how to either take it down altogether or sue the pants of anyone that dares to take advantage of its titles free of charge.

We must stress therefore that this isn’t a recommendation to really use the app, but rather to bring in your attention the plucky nature of these still hankering after a dose of Mario on their mobile.

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Game Boy Advance Games Are Shockingly Good on Wii U

Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga at the Wii U. Image courtesy Nintendo

Nintendo’s really hurting for games for its Wii U console, but now it has a brand new well to tap: The library of the sport Boy Advance.

Wait, it’s putting the hand-held games it released within the early 2000′s on its new home console? If you happen to can’t even download them on its portable console, the 3DS? Yeah. Nintendo’s weird like that. But actually, it is not as crazy as you’d think. The games are brought over so elegantly which you easily forget you’re playing, in your giant television, portable games designed for a 2.9 inch screen.

The Nintendo 64 and GameCube home consoles were the ostensible successors to the 16-bit Super Nintendo. But diehards know that the actual continuation of the Super NES’ legacy was on Game Boy Advance. Its color screen and 32-bit processor were perfect for perpetuating the two-D pixel aesthetic in an international that had otherwise converted to polygons.

Nintendo kicked off the sport Boy Advance-on-Wii U initiative with three classics: the action-adventure Metroid Fusion, RPG Mario and Luigi Superstar Saga and strategy game Advance Wars, all considered to be among the finest games at the platform. At $7.99 each I wasn’t about to shop for them all, but I definitely wanted Metroid.

The game displays on both the tv and the screen at the Wii U’s GamePad controller. Firstly, the “screen smoothing” option was turned on, making the game’s graphics appear to be they’d been run through a Photoshop filter that kind of made everything appear to be a stained-glass window. I turned that right the heck off and was greeted by the colossal pixels of my carefree youth.

The graphic options went deeper than that; i may also prefer to have the game’s display stretch to the pinnacle and bottom edges of my TV screen, or use a “pixel-perfect” mode that more accurately represented the scale of the sport Boy Advance’s screen but featured a bigger black border on my TV. This wasn’t as dramatic a transformation, so i made up my mind to err at the side of accuracy.

The relative power of the sport Boy Advance and the standard of the emulation implies that these don’t seem like portable games loads as they appear to be playing a perfect NES. If that won’t something that you can bring yourself to do today, you then won’t really like this either. But when you believe the precise use of a brand new game machine is to play old stuff, boy is that this up your alley.

Thankfully, you may switch the button configurations around if you would like. i discovered that i wanted this. In Metroid Fusion, to shoot missiles you will want hold down the best bumper together with your index finger then press B along with your thumb. Here is identical at the Wii U, but i discovered that my fingers naturally rested at the analog trigger buttons, not the digital bumpers above them. So i used to be capable of go in and reassign the buttons, after which it felt perfect.

(And in case you actually need a brilliant Nintendoish experience, you are able to just plug within the Pro Controller and use that in place of the GamePad.)

Nintendo actually permit you to play Game Boy Advance games at the television back within the day; the sport Boy Player accessory for GameCube assist you to do that together with your cartridges. Once, i used to be playing Legend of Zelda in this device and that i realized I needed to leave my house soon and take an extended train ride. i used to be momentarily upset at having to forestall playing the sport, and it took me a split second to attain that what i used to be playing was actually a transportable game and i could bring it with me.

Even today, on Wii U, the interface disappears in any such way. If you end up playing something well-crafted like Metroid Fusion you forget it’s an out-of-place, anachronistic transplanted experience and lose yourself within the game.

Since the service began, Nintendo has released more games just like the original Wario Ware, Inc., and today it dropped F-Zero: Maximum Velocity and the role-playing game Golden Sun.

So far, it is only been this small number of the very best first-party games, with out indication of third-party software makers putting their Game Boy Advance libraries onto Wii U. Nintendo has a habit of announcing new initiatives like this after which allowing them to fall by the wayside; its much-vaunted announcement of “Virtual Console Arcade” saw just a tiny handful of releases from four publishers, not even enough to fill an arcade.

As well done as they’re, it might be a shame if a similar thing happened to Game Boy Advance.