Interview: Nintendo of America’s Dan Adelman

Meet the fellow who has shaped the face of Nintendo download gaming

Make games, not war

Over the years WiiWare, DSiWare and the 3DS eShop have seen some critically-acclaimed ‘indie’ classics, equivalent to the BIT.TRIP series, World of Goo , Mutant Mudds and more.

Although he will not be a household name like Reggie Fils-Aime or Bill Trinen, Dan Adelman nevertheless plays an important role within Nintendo of America. He’s accountable for shaping the company’s download services and bringing the aforementioned classics to us. As manager of economic development at Nintendo of America, his work is integral to the method of helping small developers release their games on Nintendo platforms, moving from an initial conversation to final completion and release.

As the sole site to have reviewed each downloadable title for Nintendo formats, we’re naturally as regards to the event community, and over time we’ve heard Adelman observed in glowing terms. For instance Alex Neuse from Gaijin Games told us: “his love of unique and new ideas seems right in step with what Nintendo values internally”.

With this in mind, Dan kindly agreed to speak about his role in overseeing Nintendo’s download services, the 1st generation of download games on DSi and Wii, and the move to 3DS and Wii U.

Dan within the middle sporting a slightly fetching And Yet It Moves t-shirt. With Alex Neuse and Mike Roush from Gaijin Games

Part One – Wii and DSi Digital Stores

Nintendo Life: How happy are you with the Wii and DSi download services as Nintendo’s first attempts at digital storefronts? How well do you are feeling they accomplished their goals?

Dan Adelman: i feel we learned quite a bit as a company about what it takes to compete in a digital distribution world. i suspect one of the most biggest manifestations of this learning is within the improvements to the user interface within the 3DS and Wii U eShops in addition to our efforts to make it super easy for consumers to locate the games they’re trying to find, complete the acquisition, and begin playing.

From a content perspective, i suspect the simplest games on WiiWare and DSiWare were top-of-the-line across all platforms of the last 4-5 years. World of Goo, Cave Story, the BIT.TRIP series, And Yet It Moves, MotoHeroz, Shantae: Risky’s Revenge. i’ll go on and on.

NL: Have there been any times that you would note as particularly challenging or rewarding throughout the WiiWare / DSiWare era?

Adelman: Probably the largest challenge was that it really wasn’t easy for folks to inform which games were the best ones for them. There have been such a lot of games in there, however was difficult for players to narrow down the entire choices. Incidentally, before I forget, I should mention it was absolutely fantastic which you guys took the time to jot down up a review of each single game. It was an exceptional resource for those that desired to make the effort to do their homework, but after all we will not assume everyone to do this.

Another somewhat related challenge was that not every game was right for each player. We actually desired to create an atmosphere where developers were free to make the categories of games they desired to make, but that sort of approach really needs a user interface which could support that. i believe we’ve made huge strides on that front for the 3DS and Wii U eShops, and they are recuperating always.

As i discussed before, though, that developer freedom had its upside too. There have been some great moments within the WiiWare/DSiWare era where great developers were capable of show what they might do. Once I first met Ron and Kyle from 2D BOY, they were just scraping by financially. When those first reviews of worldwide of Goo came in, I knew their lives were changed forever. And that i take great personal satisfaction for having played a small role in that.

NL: Something that plagued WiiWare was the 40MB file size limit (likewise with 16MB on DSiWare), locking out software like Super Meat Boy from the platform and raising ire among other developers, however the ceiling at the 3DS eShop looks considerably higher. Are you confident that similar complaints won’t arise at the current systems?

Adelman: The 3DS and Wii U definitely give developers lots of headroom and adaptability in how they approach work on a project. As with all system, I’m sure we’ll eventually see people pushing our hardware to its limits, but they appear pretty comfortable working in the parameters.

And only a side note on Super Meat Boy. Despite platform, it’s still an amazing game.

NL: Users have noted difficulty in navigating the layout and structure of the Wii and DSi storefronts, especially for browsing catalogue content. What are your thoughts at the accessibility and user experience of those services? What areas have you ever identified to enhance on, and the way do you propose on doing so?

Adelman: In my personal opinion, the Wii U and 3DS eShops have some feature enhancements that lead them to an evening and day better experience for consumers than either the Wii Shop or DSi Shop. One of the most key improvements are the facility to store your mastercard information for less complicated purchasing, user ratings so that you can see what people considered different games, and merchandising flexibility, in order that we now have the facility to teach to consumers plenty of games they may like.

With Daisuke Amaya (you would possibly know him better as Pixel, the creator of Cave Story)

Part Two: Progress, 3DS and Wii U eShop platforms

NL: Expectations for digital downloads now are entirely different from when WiiWare launched. What is the advantage for developers to come back to Nintendo download platforms today, versus competing consoles or mobile devices?

Adelman: A technique we’re different is that i feel we give developers numerous flexibility and freedom. We do not make developers pitch us their game concept ahead, and we do not tie them down with exclusivity requirements. We actually attempt to make the method as smooth and simple as possible.

In addition to that, for developers who favor to benefit from it, our platforms offer numerous functionality in a package that can not be found anywhere else. For Nintendo 3DS that’s such things as StreetPass, glasses-free 3D, and augmented reality capabilities. For Wii U, it’s such things as asymmetric gameplay, Miiverse, off-screen gameplay, and the twin screen experience. Developers can profit from these features if it is smart for his or her game, but should not have to in the event that they don’t believe it is sensible. It’s great when persons are inspired by the capability that a few of our hardware features enable and design their game around that.

NL: Per August sales figures, New Super Mario Bros. 2 sold greater than 240,000 physical copies in North America. How hbecause the digital version performed, as the first retail download title, both compared to the physical sales and to Nintendo’s expectations?

Adelman: We’re really pleased with how the downloadable version is doing and are committed to releasing more 3DS and Wii U games both digitally and at retail day and date.

NL: What’s your approach on the subject of getting independent developers at the eShop? Do you get your hands on and actively court developers, or is it as much as them to return to Nintendo?

Adelman: It really goes both ways. We reach out to developers forever. Through the years we’ve gotten to understand numerous indie developers so loads of my communication is simply checking in with them to peer what they’re engaged on. They’re engaged on something that will be an amazing fit for 3DS or Wii U, or they will know another individual who’s. It finally ends up being pretty organic. i suspect it’s a lot more important to ascertain a terrific relationship with a skilled developer than pursue a selected game. If for some reason they feel the eShop isn’t a decent fit for the sport they’re engaged on, there’s always a big gamble it is going to be for his or her next one.

That said, there are such a lot of developers accessible that it’s impossible to grasp everyone or every game in development. Sometimes I’ll get contacted via social networks from someone I’d never heard of or a developer i do know will introduce one in every of their friends. Some developers just send an e-mail to our general alias – eShop (at) As i discussed, we strive to make the method really straightforward, so some developers just read up on learn how to release games on our system and begin the method all alone. In those cases, we follow up with them to make certain they’ve everything they wish.

There’s also a ton of indie game fans at Nintendo, so about a people swing by my office every so often to let me find out about a game that they are really eager about. various times it’s something that i am already involved with the developer about, but other times it’s something I’ve never heard of, so I just reach out.

Along those self same lines, in case your readers are fascinated with a game and need to determine it on a Nintendo platform, they must let the developer know that! Developers may be so interested by making their game that it can not have occurred to them or they might not have realized that there is a marketplace for their game there.

Gaming within the blood – Dan coding his first game at 13 years old

NL: How receptive have developers been to 3DS eShop, and the way important has their feedback and engagement been to developing the shop because it launched?

Adelman: Developers for probably the most part appear to be really proud of how their games are doing, and with the response they’ve seen from players. Some have even gone so far as to assert that it’s among the finest kept secrets in gaming. Everyone seems to feel that the improvements over the Wii Shop and DSi Shop are huge steps inside the right direction.

NL: In broader terms, how did developer input and feedback inform changes to both the 3DS and Wii U shops? Were there any particular lightning rods from the primary digital storefronts?

Adelman: i believe the lightning rods from the Wii/DSi generation were the identical for developers as they were for us. We now make it plenty easier for folk to locate great games, complete the transaction, and get playing. We’re also looking to build much more flexibility into the systems in order that we are able to keep adding functionality over the years. The 3DS eShop has already seen a massive update in how games are presented, and we’ll keep seeing more improvements over the years.

NL: Of the present generation of consoles, WiiWare is regularly seen because the lesser of the 3 digital storefronts. Have you ever noticed any hesitancy from third parties in commencing development of Wii U download software?

Adelman: i will not say I’m comfortable calling WiiWare the lesser of the 3! WiiWare’s best games can go head-to-head with the right games on some other platform. I do think that it had an extraordinarily different approach, focusing slightly more on smaller games and having a way more open process.

That said, developers really desired to see what the UI can be like and whether it might be easier for individuals in finding their games. It’s exciting to determine that interest in developing for 3DS eShop have been increasing at a gradual rate, and Wii U eShop already appears to be like off to a fantastic start.

NL: Will Wii U be capable to accommodate software sizes now common on competing console platforms?

Adelman: Size just isn’t considered a gating factor for games on our platform.

NL: How big a power has the 3DS eShop been at the development of Wii U’s digital platform?

Adelman: As you will discover, they’re definitely closely related cousins. The 3DS eShop served as a place to begin for the Wii U eShop, but there are some obvious differences within the platform which have to be taken into consideration. Ordinarily the entire functionality of the 3DS eShop is within the Wii U eShop, after which some.

NL: Are there plans for the Wii U and 3DS stores to integrate, share themes, or become one eShop brand?

Adelman: Well we’re calling them both eShop. It’s just that one is the 3DS eShop, and the opposite is the Wii U eShop. Wii U users can see info inside the Wii U eShop about 3DS games, but right this moment we haven’t any immediate plans to sell 3DS games via the Wii U eShop – or vice versa.

NL: Do we expect to peer downloadable demos becoming more widespread at the 3DS and Wii U eShops?

Adelman: That’s really as much as the developer. We do not require developers to incorporate a demo in the event that they don’t need to. Creating a demo is additional work, and never every game lends itself to a demo experience, so we feel that’s a query the developer is inside the best position to reply.

With Tyrone Rodriguez and Alex Neuse (Photo taken by Collin van Ginkel from Two Tribes)

NL: We noticed that lots of indie developers have a really high opinion of you personally, and plenty have stated that your enthusiasm for his or her games have been the motive force behind getting some key titles onto Nintendo formats. Do you think about yourself a gamer at the start?

Adelman: That’s so awesome to listen to! The indie community is de facto tight knit, and i have heard that my name comes up every now and then. It sort of feels like up to now it has been primarily positive, which I take a number of pride in. Deep down, I’m sort of a fanboy, so attending to hang around with my favorite developers, hear what they’re engaged on, and help them succeed is thrilling.

I remember last year right across the time VVVVVV came out on 3DS eShop, Tyrone Rodriguez from Nicalis, Terry Cavanagh and that i went out to dinner. I got to select their brain about Terry’s thoughts at the indie scene in London, whether innovation in and of itself will be a goal, and other game ideas they were engaged on. While we were watching for dinner, all 3 people had a contest to determine who could beat the Veni Vidi Vici challenge on our 3DS. How awesome is that?

NL: Where do you hope to determine Nintendo’s digital stores sooner or later, and the way crucial are they to Nintendo’s overall strategy? Do you’ve gotten any personal goals to assist push these services forward?

Adelman: i need to watch out to stress that i am speaking about my personal goals and experiences and never necessarily for Nintendo as an entire. About 8 or 9 years ago – well before I came to Nintendo – i began to become a bit enthusiastic about where the games industry was headed. It seemed that each game was carefully staying in the confines of its genre category, and after watching a game for roughly 2 minutes, I felt i may just about tell what the sport was all about and it began to bore me. And that concerned me on two levels. First, as a games industry professional, i used to be worried that if i used to be becoming bored, individuals who were playing games just a few years lower than me would start losing interest in addition. i used to be worried that the industry maybe heading down the same path as within the mid-eighties when the arcades died and the industry nearly collapsed. Second, on a more personal level, it concerned me that I just wasn’t enjoying my hobby as much anymore. Playing games began to feel like work and that i rarely played games each of the strategy to the tip. So it was around that point that i began to feel like what i actually wanted my very own personal contribution to the games industry to be was to assist foster innovation and shake things up. And that is actually the explanation I came to Nintendo about 6 years ago – this was a few year before the Wii launched, and that i think the DS had just launched. I remember thinking on the time that I wasn’t sure if the Wii and DS were going to achieve success, but i truly appreciated the truth that Nintendo was attempting to do something new, and that i admired that approach.

That feeling still motivates me today. Now with digital distribution, the landscape has changed completely, and it’s possible for smaller teams to make really groundbreaking stuff. And now that even big budget AAA retail games are beginning to go the digital distribution route, there’s less cost and therefore less risk built into the method. i am hoping to determine a much bigger willingness at the a part of game creators to check out new design ideas and continue pushing the industry forward. In fact, for that to happen, we’d like consumers to indicate that there is a marketplace for that.

We’d wish to thank Dan Adelman for his time. We’d like to read your thoughts on what Nintendo’s man said below, and you’ll read the opinions of the Wii U eShop launch developers in our series of Developer Interviews .

Feature: Time to Vote For Your Game of the Year

It won’t be easy

As the end of the year approaches it can only mean one thing — annual awards. The Nintendo Life staff have been putting their heads together in recent days to determine the official NL winners in various categories but, of course, we want you to have your say as well.

It’s really rather simple, choose your top three games in each of the categories below and email them, clearly marked in preference, to Make sure that you show the categories clearly — to make our festive period a little more relaxing — and you can submit your choices in any categories you like, whether you opt for every one or just certain services and platforms. We’ve also listed some games, but these are merely suggestions to jog your memories; all have made it in by virtue of the fact that they arrived in at least one major region in 2012.

Best Wii U Retail

New Super Mario Bros. U
Nintendo Land
Assassin’s Creed 3
Tekken Tag Tournament 2: Wii U Edition
Batman: Arkham City Armoured Edition
Call of Duty: Black Ops 2
Darksiders II

Best Wii U eShop

Little Inferno
Nano Assault Neo
Trine 2
Mighty Switch Force: Hyper Drive Edition
Chasing Aurora

Best 3DS Retail

Paper Mario: Sticker Star
Kid Icarus: Uprising
Resident Evil: Revelations
Style Savvy: Trendsetters
Zero Escape: Virtue’s Last Reward
Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask
New Super Mario Bros. 2
Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance
Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy
Heroes of Ruin
Mario Tennis Open
Rhythm Thief & the Emperor’s Treasure

Best 3DS eShop

Crimson Shroud
The Denpa Men: They Came by Wave
Aero Porter
Liberation Maiden
Sakura Samurai: Art of the Sword
Picross E
Marvel Pinball
Mutant Mudds
Art of Balance: Touch!
Colors! 3D
Dillon’s Rolling Western

Best DS Retail

Pokemon Black & White 2
Pokemon Conquest
Pokemon Typing
Harvest Moon: Tale of Two Towns
Inazuma Eleven 2

Best DSiWare

Magical Whip
Bookstore Dream
Ace Mathician
Candle Route
Zuma’s Revenge
Escape the Virus
Art of Ink
Inchworm Animation
I Must Run!
Battle of the Elements
Lola’s Alphabet Train
GO Series: Undead Storm
Gaia’s Moon
Castle Conqueror: Against
Doodle Fit

Best Wii Retail

Skylanders Giants
Just Dance 4
Rhythm Heaven/Beat the Beat
Project Zero 2
Pandora’s Tower
Xenoblade Chronicles
BIT.TRIP Complete
The Last Story

Best WiiWare

La Mulana
Horizon Riders
TNT Racers
Bobby Carrot Forever
Rush Rush Rally Racing

So there you have it; remember that these are just suggestions, so you can vote for other games as you see fit. You have until 23:59 on Saturday 29th December to submit your votes to, and the results will be published on New Years Eve. So, what are your favourites?

Guide: Getting Your Nintendo 3DS Online

Online tips on your shiny new handheld

For some gamers this year, a sparkly new 3DS should be looking forward to them as a Christmas treat. Nintendo’s Wii U can be hogging lots of attention, however the handheld deserves some limelight because of its ever-growing games catalogue and range of eShop offerings.

Of course, getting essentially the mostsome of the most from your 3DS really necessitates which you log on. While Wii U makes no bones about pushing you online so as to download the vital system update, it’s possible for 3DS owners to skip that step and, hence, fail to see most of the handheld’s greatest qualities. Whilst you take the system online you not just gain access to the eShop, but additionally online multiplayer, Nintendo Video and Swapnote/Nintendo Letter Box .

With online access transforming your handheld into a much bigger bundle of fun, we’ve prepare a brief guide for folks or any gamer who’s yet to log on with the system.

Basic Internet Setup

The main thing to do, firstly, is to setup your internet reference to the system. Simply follow these steps:

  • Select System Settings, the icon with a spanner logo to your home page.
  • Tap Internet Settings, on the top left of the screen.
  • Select Connection Settings after which New Connection.
  • At this stage one can opt to follow an academic or opt for a Manual Setup. Our instructions are for the latter.
  • In the Manual Setup there are various options, including using the rather rare Nintendo Wi-Fi USB Connector. The most effective option is to select “Look for Access Point”, that can prompt the 3DS to spot your wireless internet connection.
  • There ought to be a listing along with your connection, so simply tap it and you will be prompted to go into the safety Key/Password linked to your wireless connection.
  • If you’ve entered the safety details correctly, your handheld will now hook up with your Wi-Fi.

DS Internet Settings

As you no question know, the 3DS is backward compatible with DS software, but has a separate area to setup Wi-Fi for DS games. This may have an analogous restrictions because the original DS system, so only security as much as WEP standard is supported. Please note that the primary 3DS connection is used for downloading DSiWare from the eShop, so these DS settings only apply for online functionality within DS software when it’s running.

  • On the most important Internet Settings screen, select Nintendo DS Connections.
  • This works very similar to the 3DS equivalent, subsequently tap on Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection Settings at the first screen.
  • Tap on a free Connection box.
  • Once again, use Seek for Access Point for the simplest option.
  • Select your connection from the list, and you will be prompted to go into your Security Key.

Please note, in case your internet connection has stronger security than WEP (that is supported within the 3DS system settings), it’s going to not work for this DS-specific connection.

Enabling SpotPass

If you come back to the web Settings screen, you may also enable SpotPass options. This can be a free service that permits Nintendo and other game companies to send you messages and free content when the system isn’t in use. This may vary from marketing messages to in-game content and DLC, which can be detailed as they come on your Notifications screen – the golf green “speech bubble” icon that’s second from right on the top of the house page.

  • Within Internet Settings, tap SpotPass.
  • You can opt-in or out of 2 separate SpotPass options by simply tapping them and choosing “Yes” to opt-in, or “No” to opt-out.
  • Automatic Software Downloads – This will likely include free in-game content consisting of weapon gems in Kid Icarus: Uprising , for instance.
  • Sending of System Information – This feature allows Nintendo to gather data and records of the games you’re playing, the length of time played etc.

System Update

Many current 3DS handhelds are coming pre-loaded with the newest system update, but once your internet connection is applied it’s worth following these quick steps making sure that your 3DS is fully updated.

  • Once again, visit System Settings out of your home screen.
  • Tap Other Settings.
  • Navigate to the fourth page during this area, after which select System Update.
  • You’ll be prompted to verify the method and comply with terms – a great opportunity to ensure you’ve selected the ideal option – and the system will check the status of your handheld.
  • If it has the newest update you may be informed and the system will restart. If it isn’t up-to-the-minute, a progress bar will appear and the perfect update will download and install. When complete the 3DS will restart, and it’s recommended that you just plug inside the AC adapter during an update, as a lack of power through the process may cause damage.

Accessing the eShop

Once your internet settings are enabled you could play games online, register friends and use the 3DS Internet Browser, however the main benefit is access to the eShop with its range of exclusive downloads, retail downloads, demos, DSiWare and apps. These apps include Swapnote/Nintendo Letter Box, which lets you send hand-written notes to these for your 3DS friend list.

To access the eShop, simply tap at the orange “shopping bag” icon and you will be taken through a step-by-step guide. You’ll even have the chance to glue your 3DS eShop account together with your Club Nintendo equivalent, allowing you to assert rewards in your download purchases.

Of course, so as to know what’s happening at the 3DS eShop and which games are worth particular consideration, we review every download and supply extensive coverage in our 3DS eShop section here on Nintendo Life.

If you’ve any questions on internet setup in your 3DS, leave us a comment below and we’ll do our greatest to assist.

Nintendo 3DS XL $20 off plus more in Best Buy last minute Christmas deals (Photos)

Best Buy is running a two-day sale starting Sunday, Dec. 23 for without equal last-minute Christmas shoppers. Procrastinators can discover a $20 discount at the Nintendo 3DS XL plus deals on a handful of Wii U , 3DS, PS3 and Xbox 360 games including “Darksiders II”, “Batman: Arkham City” and “LEGO Lord of the Rings”.

The Wii U console is likewise in stock in keeping with Best Buy’s advertisement. Just make sure you hook it up and download the primary hour-long update before tucking it in under the tree. That ought to prevent any impatient frustration Christmas morning.

The following game deals are good at Best Buy through Tuesday, Dec. 24. Free shipping is on the market when ordering online but be sure you choose store-pickup to get your order by Christmas. The costs on these deals will go live after 1 a.m. EST and we’ll add any additional online specials at the moment in addition.


  • Nintendo 3DS XL – $179.99


Sunday Only Game Deals


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Wii U Sells 308K Units in Japan

Nintendo Wii U Black and White | Nintendo Official Website

Based at the data released by Enterbrain, Nintendo was in a position to sell greater than 308K units of Wii U in Japan during its launch weekend. However, it was unable to surpass the initial release of the unique Wii, which set a record of 371,936 units during its launch weekend within the country.

Aside from not creating a strong debut in Japan the image of its predecessor, Nintendo Wii U was unable to overcome the debuts of Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo DS either. During its launch, Nintendo 3DS sold 371,326 units, while Nintendo DS was ready to roll out 441,485.

The next-generation console is rank 7 in Japan’s best games hardware launch, coming behind PlayStation Vita and PlayStation 2.

Wii U Releases in US and UK

Prior to this, it was reported that Nintendo Wii U was ready to sell 400,000 units during its first week of availability. As reported last week, Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime claimed that the corporate was ready to sold 1.2 million hardware units in total during the last week. This includes 300,000 Wiis, 250,000 3DS, and 275,000 DS.

Wii U is largely sold out of retail and we’re doing our greatest to repeatedly replenish stock. Retailers also are doing their best to get the product to store shelves. But once product hits retail, they’re selling out immediately.

On the opposite hand, UK Nintendo reported earlier this month that 40,000 units of Wii U were sold in the course of the console’s first 48 hours of availability. There have been claims that the corporate was ready to sell out all units across UK High Street, although some users reported that it’s still available in other retailers.

Nintendo even talked about that they’ve “strong deliveries of follow-up stock”, though there have been speculations that “abundant supplies are expected until the hot Year.” It could appear that Wii U was generally profitable, but no single Wii U game was in a position to break it into the united kingdom All-format Chart. This appears to be like a brand new disappointment for the console maker.

Nintendo Games Sales Figure

Aside from the gaming consoles, sales figure for Nintendo games were also published recently. On top of the list is the recent Super Mario Bros. U, which sold 170,563 copies. It was followed by Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate and NintendoLand that sold 110,149 and 78,461 copies respectively.

A twenty-something Manila girl who writes regularly for AMOG. She likes to eat, read books of varied genres, and write greater than anything. Those are the things that keep her sane.

Vooks GOTY 2012: Best Nintendo 3DS Game Winner Revealed

The votes has been counted and Kid Icarus Uprising was selected because the Best Nintendo 3DS Game of the Year for 2012.

The game was a transparent winner above the following game New Super Mario Bros. 2. Clearly releasing earlier inside the year doesn’t hamper people’s memory of a game if it’s this good.

Here’s what James said concerning the game in our review ;

Kid Icarus: Uprising is well the best, if not the correct original title available for the Nintendo 3DS. Its fast-paced and frenetic gameplay, coupled with it’s incredibly substantial content offering makes it a game that’s worth in any players library.

Here’s the pinnacle 5 as voted by you;

  • Kid Icarus Uprising – 28.8%
  • New Super Mario Bros. 2 -15.22%
  • Resident Evil Revelations – 14.13%
  • Paper Mario: Sticker Star – 9.78%
  • Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance – 7.07%

Not far behind: Zero Escape: Virtue’s Last Reward, Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask

Next Up Tomorrow, discover which DS game is better in 2012. It is a tough one.

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